Application for requesting signals in DAS Phase IV areas

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Specific information for providing services in DAS IV areas
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• Note: For any further information / clarification or post submission of the online form or
  incase of any DAS-IV interconnect agreement related issues, request you to contact the
  following people:

• East – Nilima Das ( - Ph No.- 033-66334597
• West – Harender Singh ( - Ph No.- 022-61732880
• North – Prinita Aggarwal ( - Ph No.- 011-43102704
• South – Sumona Nair ( - Ph No.- 080-66947994

Disclaimer :
• This application (“Application”) is not to be construed as an agreement between the applicant (“Applicant”) and Star India Private Limited (“SIPL”).
• SIPL will process the Application and the eligibility of the Applicant in terms of the applicable law including but not limited to the Regulations of the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (“TRAI”) and the Ministry Of Information and Broadcasting (“MIB”)